About TCA


The new facility is a great building in the East York community with a window store front.

TCA offers over 85 climbing stations (120 different climbs) with 60 lead stations and over 4000 sq. ft. of bouldering terrain with a dramatic Top-Out exit.

The TCA offers you variety of artificial climbing surface including walls from:

Pyramid – France

Rockwerx – U.S.A.

Passe Montagne - Montreal

And much more. You have to come out and try it.

The tiled changeroom facility is spacious and bright with amazing showers.

We are ready are you?


New Location
11 Curity Ave, Unit 3
Toronto ,On M4B 1X4

Tel: 416 406 5900
Tel: 416 757 4208
E-mail: info@climbingacademy.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/climbingacademy


Hours of operations

Mon - Fri:
12 PM - 11 PM
10 AM - 10 PM
10 AM - 6 PM