At the Toronto Climbing Academy, we offer a unique experience for you or your group. Rock climbing is an exciting and challenging activity, and provides an excellent environment for building leadership, self-confidence and teamwork skills. The experience of reaching the top of the wall is exhilarating and provides a rewarding sense of achievement to all participants.

What to expect:
Our instructors will start by fitting everyone with a safety harness. We will then introduce your group to the basics of climbing safety and climbing techniques. In addition, everyone will have plenty of time to climb over 110 different artificial rock-faces with assistance and encouragement from our instructors.


New Location
11 Curity Ave, Unit 3
Toronto ,On M4B 1X4

Tel: 416 406 5900
Tel: 416 757 4208



Hours of operations

Mon - Fri:
12 PM - 11 PM
10 AM - 10 PM
10 AM - 6 PM