Corporate Events

Why take your co-workers climbing? Because it's a fun, challenging, team building experience!


       ● Indoor climbing involves problem solving and anaerobic exercise.
       ● Climbing lends itself naturally to team building. Partners must depend upon one another's cooperation and trust.
       ● It builds self-esteem and confidence.
       ● It puts men and women on equal footing.


The Corporate program includes initiative exercises and a debriefing. Initiative exercises include a selection of the following:


       ● blind-folded climbing
       ● speed climbing
       ● team tag
       ● follow-the-leader
       ● bouldering
       ● challenge climbing


They enhance and change the way individuals view themselves, their co-workers, and the team as a whole.

A climbing team-building activity can be customized to fit your needs. Our facility can host an event for group as small as 8 or as large as 100 people.

Participants should wear loose-fitting clothing such as sweat-pants and T-shirts. Groups of 10 or more should wear sneakers.

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