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Request Form for Information & Quotes

1. Organization Name:
2. Contact Person:
3. Telephone #:
4. Fax:
5. E-mail address:
6. Date of Event:
7. Move in time:
8. Move out time:
9. Operation Hours:
10. Location of Event:
11. If the event is indoors: (check off if yes)
      a. Is there a street level loading door with dimension 10x10 feet?
      b. Can you provide 20x40 feet of floor space?
      c. Is the building at least 26 feet tall?
12. In the case where the event location is more than 100km out from Toronto:
      a. Would you provide accomodation for two instructors?
      b. Would you provide per diem?
13. Would you provide volunteers?
14. Would you provide fencing for crowd control?


New Location
11 Curity Ave, Unit 3
Toronto ,On M4B 1X4

Tel: 416 406 5900
Tel: 416 757 4208



Hours of operations


Mon   - Wed    10am    - 11pm

Thurs & Fri      12noon - 11pm

Sat & Sun       10am    - 10pm

Holidays          10am    - 6pm